Staff Research Tools

RNA Polymerase-II Maps Gene Promoters in Maturing Rod Photoreceptors, from the Mitton Lab
Click Here to Load Data in Genome Browser at UCSC
Click Here to Load Date in the NEI EYEbrowse version of the Genome Browser

Human Genetics Tools
Gene2Phenotype Database from EMBL

Useful Eye and Retina Information
Retinal Ganglion Cell: single cell gene expression database from Neurodegeneration Lab UCONN Health
The Retina Reference website- by Dr. David Browning, MD PhD
Molecular Vision website – the Journal
Retinal Information Network – RetNet
Timing of Mouse Retinal Development – Kenneth Mitton, PhD FARVO

Dr. Mitton’s Recommended Guides to Methods in Biochemistry: For those who desire to work or study in my lab group, these are useful introductions to some of the methods at use in our research. If you are just interested in cell culture, protein purification, gene expression analysis and DNA sequencing, then you will find these educational too.

GIBCO Cell Culture Basics Videos
Changing HREC media in Pediatric Retinal Research Lab (Mitton Lab Video – YouTube).

Chromatography & Ion Exchange Chapter in “Proteomics” – by: Laura Grell and Alexander Butarbutar

Awareness and Control to Avoid RNAase Contamination (NEB Video)

Taqman Gene Expression Assays – How do they work (YouTube) Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
Two-Step versus One-Step RT-PCR – How to choose

Illumina Massively Parallel DNA Sequencing Introduction

Research Societies
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society
International Society for Eye Research (ISER)
Global Eye Genetics Consortium (GECG)

Useful Bioinformatics and Computational Tools
VassarStats: Statistical Computation Web Site
Exome Suite Software Package
National Human Genome Research Institute
Genome Browser at UCSC
GeneVenn ( For making Venn-diagrams)
Biology of the Laboratory Mouse by JAX Labs
Methprimer Server Primer Design
Biocalculators @ Promega
BioInforx Free Tools
Fluorescence Filter Information
Protein Linker Design Database at vrije Universiteit amsterdam  (free for occasional fitting)

Better Curve Fitting: R-project and drc package Consult with Dr. Mitton for installation of the R environment and how to use the drc package for dose-response curve fitting.

Free Bibliography, PDF manager. Works w WORD & OfficeLibre

Research Suppliers: just a few of the many we use for our research
ATUM gene synthesis (Previous name: DNA20)
Primer3- primer design site
Iowa State Sequencing
IDT-DNA Primer Ordering
USA Scientific (for filter-tip pipette tips, microfuge tubes, pipettes)
GE-Life Sciences
ThermoFisher (LifeTech, ABI, Invitrogen, Ambion, Mol. Probes)
Fisher Science
InVIVOgen (for Zeocin)
NEB (Restriction Enzymes)
Perkin Elmer
MPBio (Q-biogen, ICN)
Sigma Aldrich

NEMC-TUSM Transgenic Core Facility
University of Michigan Transgenic Animal Core
American Type Culture Collection (for cell sources)

Lab and University OperationsOU Online BioSafety Course – for all Mitton Lab Staff and Students
OU Lab Safety Webpage
OU University Work/Service Request
Webmail Oakland University
OU Police HelpDesk
Illiad Publication Access – OU Library
ERI Ordering Form
ERI Praxair Ordering Form
Time available form for Mitton Lab’s students


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