Lab Research Tools

360° Movie of Pediatric Retinal Research Lab (PRRL) in the ERI at Oakland University.

Services, Lab Safety Training, BioSafety Training, Animal Research Training, Human Subjects Research Training

The First Ever Map of Changes in RNA Polymerase-II Occupancy in Maturing Photoreceptor Gene Promoters in vivo, (mouse) by the Mitton Lab at Oakland University. We found a way to do it without having to dissociate neural retinas or sort cells ;).

The Mitton Lab uses this bibliography, PDF manager. Works with WORD & OfficeLibre. IIt is free and multiplatform. Get it if you want to do research with Dr. Mitton at

Better Curve Fitting: R-project and drc package Consult with Dr. Mitton for installation of the R environment and how to use the drc package for dose-response curve fitting.

Illumina DNA-Sequencing Information and Tools

Human Genetics Tools: Useful for Pediatric Retinal Disease DNA-Sequencing

Useful Eye, Retina, Biochemistry Information

Dr. Mitton’s Recommended Guides to Practical Laboratory Methods in Biochemistry: For those who desire to work or study in my lab group, these are useful introductions to some of the methods at use in our research. If you are just interested in cell culture, protein purification, gene expression analysis and DNA sequencing, then you will find these educational too.

Useful Bioinformatics and Computational Tools

Research Societies

Research Suppliers: just a few of the many we use for our research

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