Predatory Publisher Exploits Einstein, Debases Science

Another weekly informative post on another predatory junk publisher. From the Scholarly Open Access blog.

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OU students focus on eye diseases during summer research program

Our SUPER program is getting lots of kind coverage in the media this summer for which we are thankful.

Automation Alley
Rochester Patch
Rochester Media

Thank YOU…

Good stuff is happening here in Michigan in an Eye Research Institute that is one of the few and oldest doing NIH-funded basic science outside of a faculty of medicine. In addition to the National Eye Institute (NEI) at the NIH, we also benefit from support of a Michigan based private foundation: Vision Research ROPARD Foundation.

Our faculty have to write excellent grant applications that convince peer reviewers to give us money from the same funding pie being snacked on by much larger universities, even though we are a smaller university without the core support facilities that enable research at larger schools.

That makes a good faculty mentor to teach students ,future colleagues, in biomedical research.

Our students will not pay us back, just as we never had to pay back our mentors. They will do what we do now, paying forward to teach a next generation and we expect them to mentor at least seven students in their future careers no matter what their future jobs are.

That is how academic scholarship goes. That is ultimately the most important thing our faculty do here at Oakland University, which is congruent with the philosophy of the American Association of University Professors. We teach students to become lifelong independent problem solvers, self taught students and teachers of the future. That is how things are gradually changed for the better.

Watch “Solar Impulse – Best of First Round-the-World Solar Flight, Crossing the USA” on YouTube

I am an educator of future scientists and researchers while we carry out biomedical research. So…

Our laboratory has sponsored a wing solar-cell on this aircraft. The sponsorship funding fuels an educational foundation at the SolarImpulse group that has already produced written and video resources for teachers around the world. Topics include: energy, solar energy, zero emissions concepts, battery chemistry and the use of advanced engineering technologies.

You can sponsor a solar cell too at

Watch a video on the Atlantic crossing here:


From Dr Mitton: more sports, less war.

I have updated this free Ap as of yesterday. You can also find it in the Ap store for Kindles. Still no pop up ads.

Link for Tour de France is moved higher in menu and a list of sports events for the rest of 2016 is also updated and now in the form of a zoomable table.

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