Andromiton Apps

Andromiton is a play on the word “Android” from the Google Android OS and my last name “Mitton”. Together they became my android app developer name Andromiton. I have always tried to stay familiar with basic computer programming, website production, different operating systems as much as I can since the late 70’s. While I am not a full time computer programmer by any means, some computer science savvy has served me well in running systems and software used in my research where I have used biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.
The most fundamental shift in computing for society in the last 50 years, in my opinion, is the transition of a computer from a room sized bank of electronics to the little slab in the palm of our hands now, which we call smart phones. As a do-it-yourself, self-teaching, kind of person, I have found out enough information on how to make my own Android Apps. These Apps are one of my hobbies really. They are also free to use, and they are also ad-free! So please share information about them with your friends and put them to use.


This is a free APP that provides easy access to Molecular Vision’s papers, its searchable index, and information for authors. This Andromiton application is also provided on behalf of the Eye Research Institute of Oakland University, to bring the open-access publications in this journal to smart-phones around the world. A link to the App will be found at the Molecular Vision website or, you can get this App by clicking here to get to the same install page at Google Play

Molecular Vision is on of the first peer-reviewed scientific journals born as a 100% electronic format, paperless, journal. It was started by colleagues of ours at Emory University, in the Department of Ophthalmology (Atlanta, GA) and in 1995 that was way ahead of the curve. Many academic researchers said paperless journals could not work out and yet Molecular Vision is almost 20 years old and has done something amazing. They have always made the publishing of a manuscript to be FREE of cost to the authors. Then they have made all published papers free to access by other scientists and students worldwide and even for the general public. The editorial board of this journal are among the best vision scientists in the world and as we look at 2015 we note that many other paper journals have first added online versions and now are dropping paper publishing completely. There are also many “open access” journals, however even most of these journals require charging production fees of about $1000 or more (paid by the authors) to produce the accepted paper for PDF document downloading.

Molecular Vision is a gold standard example of a journal that serves scientists and society. Hundreds of scientists and myself, volunteer many hours a year to peer review manuscripts submitted to this journal. I would love to donate operational funding to Molecular Vision, but alas I am not that rich. So, I made an Molecular Vision Android App, to give easy access to readers and authors to the Journal’s content and information.


Icon start SportsNavigator256

World Sport Navigator is an App I have produced to support easy access to sports and sports events information. It began as a small App just for my own android phone so I could follow the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. I have most recently updated it for the Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and t the App is actually useful all year long. It no longer just focuses on Olympic sports but also covers amateur sports, Special Olympics, Paralympics, soccer, hockey, and other pro -ports too.

If you want to have the Pyeong Chang Winter Games information websites at your finger tips in one tiny App (does not use a lot of memory), then feel free to use this App.

World Sports Navigator is free, it is ad-free, and it is my way to promote human interactions through sports. Much better than conflict and war I think. You can get World Sports Navigator in Google Play and also in the Amazon App Store for your Kindle, Kindle Fires.

Get the App here: at Google Play

or here: at Amazon’s App Store





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