The Brittney House. Kenya


Tim Page MD started healing eyes on medical trips to Kenya at Brittney House. He gets many other doctors and nurses to volunteer their time too, including Dr. Lori Stec MD, another Beaumont Ophthalmologist that lectures here every summer for OU summer research students.


Here Dr Stec is telling us all about the Kenya medical work at

And… Brittney House, a safe home for orphans to live and have education right up to readiness for college. From this location Dr Page brings in a team of vision health professionals and support staff to treat hundreds of patients.

You can learn about Dr Page in this video at YouTube.

Dr Stec spent about six summers, starting in her senior year at Country Day academy, helping out and learning research here in the ERI at Oakland University. She grew up in Troy Michigan, became interested in the eye and completed her MD at UMich. Then Dr. Stec completed Ophthalmology Residency at Beaumont Hospital where she has continued on staff and continues to guide the training of residents with Dr Grenadier.

Every summer since we formalized the summer experience for OU undergraduates as the Summer Undergraduate Program in Eye Research (SUPER), Lori has presented in our weekly lunchtime summer bioscience seminars. These are attended by our seven 2015 SUPER scholars as well as other staff, students and medical students. Other scheduled lunch seminars can be found on our website.


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